Social Media

Now we had a functioning website we needed to get the news out! We wanted a slow start not to overwhelm the server, but we found the internet very all or nothing. After posting it to some smaller forums and getting very little attention, we posted it to Hackernews and made the front page!

This resulted in a comparative explosion of traffic, with over 20,000 people visiting the site. We also found ourselves getting linked to from around the internet. We were surprised by how many bots are set up to share the front page of Hackernews! We also managed to get a top post on a chess subreddit, resulting in another wave of traffic.

Currently we have no ads, so our website is only sustainable with the help of supporters. We had hoped to have enough supporters to get the website off the ground within the 30-day trial, however, this proved to be unsuccessful and a lot more difficult than we thought. The next post explains some of our thoughts about this.